Footnotes to Chapter Six


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5Berreman, Gerald. “Letter to the Ice Box.” The Daily Californian. Regrettably, I cannot provide   the date for this item, which I clipped on the run without noting the date, then kept in a file for 50 -plus years, brittle and yellowed. The date may be safely assumed to be between 1965 and 1970.

6Berreman, Gerald. “Anthropology in Opposition: Public Issues In and Out of Academia.” In The Politics of Truth: Essays in Critical Anthropology. 1981. New Delhi, South Asian Publishers PVT LTD, p. 133.

7Ibid. p.134.

8As one may have already observed from the reading of the preceding chapters, my relationship to Gerald Berreman at some point left the realm of ordinary student-professor and even student-mentor to become, at least on my side, something closer to comrades-in-arms and he’s the leader. There is no other person in my life that I loved and respected more than I loved and respected him, and he is clearly in the top five list of influential people in my life. There is thus some emotion involved when I write about him and I find that I cannot avoid using his first name in some contexts if I am to write from my heart. I sometimes call him “Berreman” and I sometimes call him “Gerry.” I have tried to keep to “Berreman” when citing him or mentioning him in an academic context, but its just going to have to be “Gerry” otherwise, with the hope that the reader does not find this too chaotic or presumptuous.

9Ibid., p. 133.

10Berreman, Gerald. “Letter to the Icebox.” The Daily Californian, ca. 1965. Again, I am sad to say I cannot provide an exact date for this letter, since I clipped it and kept it without noting the date and cannot find it online.

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17 Cf. Ibid., pp. 110-125, for a detailed description of this march and the following one.

18Ibid., p. 123.

19Goines, David Lance. The Free Speech Movement: Coming of Age in the 1960s. Ten Speed Press. Berkeley, California. 1993, p. 592.


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