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Chapter Five, Berkeley: the Center of the World, Part 4

Before there were hippies Although the full-blown counterculture complete with newly-invented hippies was yet to come, the roots of it could be seen all around me from day one in Berkeley. All of the anthropology students I knew smoked pot, being careful to not let it interfere with their academic careers. I was soon doing […]

Chapter Five, Berkeley: the Center of the World, Part 3

Playtime In spite of the fact that I was working half-time and carrying a full load of classes, I did somehow find time to do and learn things that I never would have imagined I would when I was a lonesome, dateless, bespectacled teenager living five miles outside of Groveland, Florida. My boyfriend Gale was […]

Chapter Five, Berkeley: the Center of the World, Part 2

Baby beatnik Some part of my desire to make it to San Francisco, I have to admit, had been that I thought that if I went there maybe I would meet a beatnik. This interest dated back to high school, when I probably first heard the word from Roy. As a member of the high […]

Chapter Five: Berkeley, the Center of the World, Part 1

Soon after my return from jail I began looking for an apartment in Berkeley, in anticipation of the resumption of my college career that Spring semester. Although I had been hoping that something miraculous would happen to save my marriage, I had also been preparing myself emotionally for the break-up since October, when our political […]

Bob Dylan

I have been asked at various points in my career if I was influenced by Bob Dylan. The answer is no, I feel like I and my generation were, if anything influencing him. How very often did it happen that something blew up culturally all around me, resulting in some gutwrenching downer for me and […]

Leaving Berkeley-pix

During my last semester at Berkeley, the department requested that graduate students submit a photo for the “departmental album”. I had no idea that the album would be used by potential employers and no one bothered to explain it to me. I could not fathom why all my heretofore rebellious colleagues were paying big bucks […]

Random but Heavy Memories

Dragged out like a lady Consistent with my status as a “token follower” in the film Berkeley in the Sixties, I never did anything remotely resembling leadership and only spoke out voluntarily at a public meeting once, story elsewhere on this blog. I can, however, claim a few more or less unique experiences, even though […]

Leaving Berkeley

The article below was published, as my interview indicates, just before my family and I sold most of our belongings, stored the rest in my daughter’s grandmother’s basement, sold our new station wagon, bought an old Chevy pickup with a shell camper on it and hit the road. One of the authors, Richard Cowan, was […]

Shades of Gump: leaders I met, sort of

Although I can say I did actually meet several of the principals and “talking heads” in Berkeley in the Sixties, during the sixties, it was definitely in passing and they would never remember it. It was a purely Forrest Gumpian experience each time, except that I’m sure that, unlike Gump, I had no influence on […]

Vietnam Day Committee

[Gerry Berreman’s letter on the VDC is in a separate post under his name. It is a tagging error I don’t know how to fix] Low woman on the totem pole During my limited free time at Berkeley, I hung around a lot in the anthropology students’  break room on the second floor of Kroeber […]