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Me and Men

It has become more or less a no-no in some feminist circles to speak of men, on the theory that it is a waste of time and contributes to sustaining their power over women. Instead of talking about men, I have been told, I should be talking about my own goals, assets, problems and evolution […]

Chapter 9, Counterculture, Part III

Provo Park When the Haight-Ashbury began to become more unpleasant than pleasant, and we went there less and less, I was not overly impacted because Berkeley was generating its own Hippie Hill in a place called Provo Park. Provo Park is not to be confused with People’s Park. The former, located downtown near City Hall, […]

Chapter 9, Counterculture, Part II

One toke over the line My history with the herb, because of the nature of the herb, has become much clearer in retrospect. It is well known that the effects of marijuana can be so subtle that inexperienced users are not aware of them at the time. My first experience, as I have described, was […]

Chapter 9, Counterculture

Three years after my second graduation from UC Berkeley, I could be found living in the woods of Humboldt County with my child., 200 miles north of the city and two miles from the nearest hard road. For the next eight years, with the exception of a six-month job-related stay in Eureka, I lived the […]

Chapter 8, Meanwhile, Back in the Department, Part II

Sayonara, Berkeley Whereas it took Lynn a year after the Rose Garden declaration to get out of Berkeley, John and I were actually gone within two weeks. Since it was near the end of the semester, I wrapped up my course obligations and we took off, just ahead of the revolution, we thought–it was that […]

Chapter 8, Meanwhile, Back in the Department, Part I

Chapter Eight MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE DEPARTMENT By the time People’s Park happened, I had been a grad student for three quarters. That I had been admitted at all was clearly another tour de force from Gerry Berreman, but  nevertheless surrounded in some mystery. Billy and Cowan both claimed that they had threatened their mentor, […]

Chapter 3, Leaving Dixie, Part 3

Laid back in Philly In Philly, Mike and I lived in a tiny studio apartment near the University of Pennsylvania campus. Mike continued going to the Wharton School of Business, while I quickly found a job as clerk-typist for a surgical equipment company. We carefully and rationally split expenses. I made it very clear that […]

Chapter 3, Leaving Dixie, Part 2

Back to the swamp Letters of reference to Dr. Guy and my reinstatement notwithstanding, I was treated with suspicion in Tally from the git-go. The atmosphere, on campus and off, had doubtless been influenced by the lunch counter sit-ins of three semesters before. I was dimly aware of these through Roy’s letters and my visits, […]

Chapter 3, Leaving Dixie, Part 1

It took me a while to get over the shock of my expulsion from Norman College. There was no place for me to go but home, where there was the strong potential for matricide. I could not envision an academic future. As far as I knew, based on the pronouncements of Sarah, no college would […]

Chapter One, How I Got That Way, Part 8

Trapped in the Piney Woods Groveland is located about six miles from the famous Citrus Tower in Clermont, about 30 miles west of Orlando and 40 miles from Lakeland. At the time I lived near there, it consisted of Piercefield’s gas station, Edge’s dry goods store, a bank, a drugstore complete with soda fountain, no […]