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Footnotes to Chapter Six

FOOTNOTES TO CHAPTER SIX 1Mead, Margaret. 1972. Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years. New York: Morrow. p. 271. 2Mead, Margaret. 1970. Culture and Commitment: a Study of the Generation Gap. Garden City, NY: Natural History Press. 3Frank, Pat. 1959. Alas, Babylon. New York: HarperCollins. 4Cf. Polmar, Norman. 2001. The U-2 History. Minneapolis: Zenith Press. 5Berreman, Gerald. […]

Chapter Six, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Part 3

The demo that fizzled Whereas most of the VDC events were hugely successful, such as the teach-ins and the marches to Oakland, there were also a number of creative but less spectacular smaller actions and some that failed ridiculously as well. Of the former, Gerard de Groot writes:   The VDC were not bungling anarchists. […]

Chapter Six, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Part 2

The Vietnam Day Committee The Vietnam Day Committee (VDC) was the first political organization in which I was involved after my arrest in the Free Speech Movement. I had been greatly relieved when that controversy was over and I was eager to focus my entire attention on becoming, against all odds at that time and […]

Chapter Six, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Part 1

Chapter Six  WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS Anthropologist Margaret Mead recounts in her biography her reaction to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. She writes that she took the only copy of the manuscript she had been working on for years and “tore up every page,” because she felt that that one event would change the […]

By the Railroad Tracks

Funny how your life loops in on you, a piece falls into place that gives meaning to everything that went before it. I had a day like that today. Flashback, Berkeley anti-war demo, stopping trains bearing recruits for Vietnam. I’m walking, walking, long, long time beside the tracks. My boyfriend is neglecting me in favor […]

Gerry Berreman’s VDC Letter

Below is a letter from my senior and graduate advisor, Gerald Berreman, to the Daily Californian, UC Berkeley newspaper, date unknown.              

Vietnam Day Committee

[Gerry Berreman’s letter on the VDC is in a separate post under his name. It is a tagging error I don’t know how to fix] Low woman on the totem pole During my limited free time at Berkeley, I hung around a lot in the anthropology students’  break room on the second floor of Kroeber […]