Chapter Four THE FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT I first heard about the Free Speech Movement from my lunch-mates at Oakland City College. We had already been following the Mel’s Diner, “auto row” and “hotel” sit-ins in San Francisco that brought on the FSM, and we were excited that these events meant that now one need not […]

FOOTNOTES TO CHAPTER SIX 1Mead, Margaret. 1972. Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years. New York: Morrow. p. 271. 2Mead, Margaret. 1970. Culture and Commitment: a Study of the Generation Gap. Garden City, NY: Natural History Press. 3Frank, Pat. 1959. Alas, Babylon. New York: HarperCollins. 4Cf. Polmar, Norman. 2001. The U-2 History. Minneapolis: Zenith Press. 5Berreman, Gerald. […]

The demo that fizzled Whereas most of the VDC events were hugely successful, such as the teach-ins and the marches to Oakland, there were also a number of creative but less spectacular smaller actions and some that failed ridiculously as well. Of the former, Gerard de Groot writes:   The VDC were not bungling anarchists. […]

The Vietnam Day Committee The Vietnam Day Committee (VDC) was the first political organization in which I was involved after my arrest in the Free Speech Movement. I had been greatly relieved when that controversy was over and I was eager to focus my entire attention on becoming, against all odds at that time and […]

Chapter Six  WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS Anthropologist Margaret Mead recounts in her biography her reaction to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. She writes that she took the only copy of the manuscript she had been working on for years and “tore up every page,” because she felt that that one event would change the […]

Before there were hippies Although the full-blown counterculture complete with newly-invented hippies was yet to come, the roots of it could be seen all around me from day one in Berkeley. All of the anthropology students I knew smoked pot, being careful to not let it interfere with their academic careers. I was soon doing […]

Playtime In spite of the fact that I was working half-time and carrying a full load of classes, I did somehow find time to do and learn things that I never would have imagined I would when I was a lonesome, dateless, bespectacled teenager living five miles outside of Groveland, Florida. My boyfriend Gale was […]

Baby beatnik Some part of my desire to make it to San Francisco, I have to admit, had been that I thought that if I went there maybe I would meet a beatnik. This interest dated back to high school, when I probably first heard the word from Roy. As a member of the high […]

Soon after my return from jail I began looking for an apartment in Berkeley, in anticipation of the resumption of my college career that Spring semester. Although I had been hoping that something miraculous would happen to save my marriage, I had also been preparing myself emotionally for the break-up since October, when our political […]

Laid back in Philly In Philly, Mike and I lived in a tiny studio apartment near the University of Pennsylvania campus. Mike continued going to the Wharton School of Business, while I quickly found a job as clerk-typist for a surgical equipment company. We carefully and rationally split expenses. I made it very clear that […]