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Chapter Seven, Escalation, Part I

Chapter Seven ESCALATION As the war escalated in Vietnam, opposition to it escalated on campus. On December 1, 1966 a student strike was called. According to a chronology from the Free Speech Movement Archives website, five thousand students boycotted classes to protest Navy recruitment on campus. What I remember protesting as much as the fact […]

Chapter Five, Berkeley: the Center of the World, Part 3

Playtime In spite of the fact that I was working half-time and carrying a full load of classes, I did somehow find time to do and learn things that I never would have imagined I would when I was a lonesome, dateless, bespectacled teenager living five miles outside of Groveland, Florida. My boyfriend Gale was […]

Chapter Five: Berkeley, the Center of the World, Part 1

Soon after my return from jail I began looking for an apartment in Berkeley, in anticipation of the resumption of my college career that Spring semester. Although I had been hoping that something miraculous would happen to save my marriage, I had also been preparing myself emotionally for the break-up since October, when our political […]

Gerry Berreman’s VDC Letter

Below is a letter from my senior and graduate advisor, Gerald Berreman, to the Daily Californian, UC Berkeley newspaper, date unknown.              

Why Anthropology

[For Gerry Berreman, see headings below] I did not officially choose anthropology as my major until after I had been at Berkeley for several years and was forced by the Dean of Students to declare a major, but I believe the roots of my interest in anthropology began in my childhood. The earliest glimmering of […]

Leaving Berkeley-pix

During my last semester at Berkeley, the department requested that graduate students submit a photo for the “departmental album”. I had no idea that the album would be used by potential employers and no one bothered to explain it to me. I could not fathom why all my heretofore rebellious colleagues were paying big bucks […]

Random but Heavy Memories

Dragged out like a lady Consistent with my status as a “token follower” in the film Berkeley in the Sixties, I never did anything remotely resembling leadership and only spoke out voluntarily at a public meeting once, story elsewhere on this blog. I can, however, claim a few more or less unique experiences, even though […]

Free Speech Movement documents

The letter below was written by an anthropology colleague of mine two years after the Free Speech Movement, addressed to the anthropology faculty. It is speaking to a political event other than the FSM, the specifics of which I can only guess from the context like everyone else, since there were so many events I […]