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Chapter 9, Counterculture

Three years after my second graduation from UC Berkeley, I could be found living in the woods of Humboldt County with my child., 200 miles north of the city and two miles from the nearest hard road. For the next eight years, with the exception of a six-month job-related stay in Eureka, I lived the […]

Chapter ?, Wrestling With Race, Part 1

Red and Yellow, Black and White The evolution of my relationship to the civil rights movement can be traced far back into my childhood. Before the phrase “civil rights” or the word “racism” became well-known among white people, at least the white people I knew, I was interested in black* people and why they were […]

Token Follower

There are people who are and were mystified that I was one of the interviewees in Berkeley in the Sixties, given that I was in no way a leader or an expert on anything and, in fact, was not even a student at Berkeley when I was arrested in the Free Speech Movement. The answer […]