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Talking politics

It is possible to see the roots of  my personal political evolution in my parents’ devotion to the Democratic Party, the labor movement and FDR, and that devotion as directly attributable to their status as poor, rural people during the Great Depression. However, this is an academic kind of truth and has only an intellectual […]

Jentri Anders Radio Interview on FSM 50th Reunion

50 years ago Below is a link to a KHSU (Humboldt State University) radio show Dec. 5, 2014 in which I am interviewed by host Eric Kirk on the 50th anniversary of the FSM sit-in and bust, UC Berkeley, Dec. 3, 1964. http://khsu.streamguys.net/10002.mp3 Some visuals:  Mario on the car. Mario makes a point.   Jack […]

My First Bust, the Free Speech Movement

The Runup By the time I got to Oakland City College, in January 1964, I was well on the road to what we used to call “radicalization.” (We were still calling it OCC even though the name had been changed to Merritt College that year in anticipation of closing the campus near Berkeley and opening […]

Chapter 2, Memories of the Future

In the fall of 1960, Norman Park, Georgia, was an island of tiny southern town in the middle of the great black swamp that sweltered between Moultrie and Tifton. This island was arranged around Norman College, a two-year college run by the Georgia Baptist Convention. Majestic pecan trees lined the campus side of the two-lane […]

Thirty years later

On December 3, 1994, I was in Berkeley attending the 30-year reunion of the Free Speech Movement. I went for myself and, though it was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, I had no regrets about having gone. I reconnected with friends who had moved my life, was cured of torches carried far […]

Leaving Berkeley-pix

During my last semester at Berkeley, the department requested that graduate students submit a photo for the “departmental album”. I had no idea that the album would be used by potential employers and no one bothered to explain it to me. I could not fathom why all my heretofore rebellious colleagues were paying big bucks […]

Token Follower

There are people who are and were mystified that I was one of the interviewees in Berkeley in the Sixties, given that I was in no way a leader or an expert on anything and, in fact, was not even a student at Berkeley when I was arrested in the Free Speech Movement. The answer […]

Random but Heavy Memories

Dragged out like a lady Consistent with my status as a “token follower” in the film Berkeley in the Sixties, I never did anything remotely resembling leadership and only spoke out voluntarily at a public meeting once, story elsewhere on this blog. I can, however, claim a few more or less unique experiences, even though […]

Leaving Berkeley

The article below was published, as my interview indicates, just before my family and I sold most of our belongings, stored the rest in my daughter’s grandmother’s basement, sold our new station wagon, bought an old Chevy pickup with a shell camper on it and hit the road. One of the authors, Richard Cowan, was […]

Vietnam Day Committee

[Gerry Berreman’s letter on the VDC is in a separate post under his name. It is a tagging error I don’t know how to fix] Low woman on the totem pole During my limited free time at Berkeley, I hung around a lot in the anthropology students’  break room on the second floor of Kroeber […]