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Chapter 3, Leaving Dixie, Part 1

It took me a while to get over the shock of my expulsion from Norman College. There was no place for me to go but home, where there was the strong potential for matricide. I could not envision an academic future. As far as I knew, based on the pronouncements of Sarah, no college would […]

Chapter ?, Wrestling With Race, Part 6

Willie Mae’s Biscuits* Much has been written analyzing the sociological factors and the history of racism in America. However, I have found that, in spite of this, even the most educated of my friends not raised in the South have found my stories about living it hard to believe. I was once even accused of […]

Chapter 2, Memories of the Future

In the fall of 1960, Norman Park, Georgia, was an island of tiny southern town in the middle of the great black swamp that sweltered between Moultrie and Tifton. This island was arranged around Norman College, a two-year college run by the Georgia Baptist Convention. Majestic pecan trees lined the campus side of the two-lane […]