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Notes on Berkeley in the Sixties film

A presentation that accompanied the viewing of the film at Southern Oregon State University in Eugene, Oregon, September 27, 1996, transcribed from the tape. One of the subjects I have been asked to address especially today is the historical split between the New Left and the counter-culture. I would refer you especially to the foootage […]

Chapter Seven, Escalation, Part I

Chapter Seven ESCALATION As the war escalated in Vietnam, opposition to it escalated on campus. On December 1, 1966 a student strike was called. According to a chronology from the Free Speech Movement Archives website, five thousand students boycotted classes to protest Navy recruitment on campus. What I remember protesting as much as the fact […]

Sitting on the lake dock

Leaving Dixie – Before and After

I went to high school in a tiny central Florida town about 6 miles from the Citrus Tower. We lived in a renovated chicken barn, hideously ugly, 5 miles out of town on one of the many lakes, a smaller one. It was big enough, however, for me to row out to the middle of […]