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My First Bust, the Free Speech Movement

The Runup By the time I got to Oakland City College, in January 1964, I was well on the road to what we used to call “radicalization.” (We were still calling it OCC even though the name had been changed to Merritt College that year in anticipation of closing the campus near Berkeley and opening […]

Shades of Gump: leaders I met, sort of

Although I can say I did actually meet several of the principals and “talking heads” in Berkeley in the Sixties, during the sixties, it was definitely in passing and they would never remember it. It was a purely Forrest Gumpian experience each time, except that I’m sure that, unlike Gump, I had no influence on […]

Free Speech Movement Documents

On December 3, 1964, I got on the bus from Oakland City College and went to UC Berkeley knowing that something big was going to happen. I had been following the news reports of the Free Speech Movement since it had started earlier that semester. I was during that semester employed as a reader for […]

Sitting on the lake dock

Leaving Dixie – Before and After

I went to high school in a tiny central Florida town about 6 miles from the Citrus Tower. We lived in a renovated chicken barn, hideously ugly, 5 miles out of town on one of the many lakes, a smaller one. It was big enough, however, for me to row out to the middle of […]

Leaving Dixie

When I arrived by train in Oakland with my new husband, September, 1962, I was actually aiming at San Francisco. I had applied to San Francisco State University and fully expected that I would be accepted for the Spring semester, that we would live in San Francisco and that I would pursue as much of […]