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Chapter ?, Wrestling With Race, Part 3

On The Bus to Liberty City I had been impressed ever since arriving from Cleveland by the mystery of the black people on the Liberty City bus and at the bus stops along the route. As I grew older, I began to watch them, to observe them and to wonder what the place was like […]

Chapter ?, Wrestling With Race, Part II

Miami is not Cleveland I was aware, early on, that there was something very strange about the way the white people I knew viewed black people. If you are white and did not grow up in the South, you do not realize that it is not so much a question of experiencing overt hatred all […]

Chapter ?, Wrestling With Race, Part 1

Red and Yellow, Black and White The evolution of my relationship to the civil rights movement can be traced far back into my childhood. Before the phrase “civil rights” or the word “racism” became well-known among white people, at least the white people I knew, I was interested in black* people and why they were […]

Chapter 2, Memories of the Future

In the fall of 1960, Norman Park, Georgia, was an island of tiny southern town in the middle of the great black swamp that sweltered between Moultrie and Tifton. This island was arranged around Norman College, a two-year college run by the Georgia Baptist Convention. Majestic pecan trees lined the campus side of the two-lane […]

Shades of Gump: leaders I met, sort of

Although I can say I did actually meet several of the principals and “talking heads” in Berkeley in the Sixties, during the sixties, it was definitely in passing and they would never remember it. It was a purely Forrest Gumpian experience each time, except that I’m sure that, unlike Gump, I had no influence on […]